Tool Hire Range

Burbage Hire Centre has an extensive range of tools for hire, including floor sanders, cement mixers, scaffold towers, diggers, mowers, shredders and heaters. Select from the choices below for details and rates on our complete product range.

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Explanation of Definitions

This is the charge made for the rental of equipment for a specific period. These rates do not include VAT.

Half Day is 8.00am to 1.00pm, or 1.00pm to 5.00pm, or 5.00pm to 8:30am. The above rate is only available for equipment as indicated. Return and collection by the customers own transport.

One Day is any 24 hour period.

Two Day is any 48 hour period, including weekends provided equipment is returned by 10.00am on the Monday after the weekend.

One Week Hire is any period from 72 hours up to 1 week. Hires over one week which include part of a week are charged pro rata based on 1/5th of the weekly rate, e.g. two weeks and two days hire would be charged at 2 + 2/5th weekly rate and not two weeks plus two days hire rate.


Our equipment is selected for ease of handling so that it can be readily collected in most cars. We undertake transport if required but this will be extra to and from site, based on distance.

Additional Information

In common with most hire companies and in accordance with policies laid down by the industry’s trade association, our charges for hire include all normal accessories such as spanners, chuck keys, guards etc., essential for the proper working of the machine in question.

Certain tools in order to do their job use various consumable items, such as sanding belts, abrasive discs, chemicals etc. We are pleased to supply these on a sale or return basis.

Machines employing cutting blades or drill bits will be supplied with these in sharp condition and spare ones may be taken if required. A charge for sharpening will be levied in addition to the hire rate.

We strongly advise all customers to use protective equipment as laid down by various statutes and regulations. It is the hirer’s responsibility to provide themself and their operatives with these. A selection of such equipment is available for sale at our premises.

Important Safety Note

Written instructions and safety notes are issued with each item, if requested.